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At Robot Lab S.A.S we start from the customer´s need, to design, organize, implement and control the marketing strategy of your business, positioning your brand and products as the top of mind in the market.

By marketing you will find out which niche of the market will contain your potential customers. After finding out the characteristics of your customer it’s the moment to develop the marketing strategy according to prices, distribution channels, product and promotions, giving your business the best way to develop its opportunities and strengths in the market.


Neuromarketing is a new field that studies how consumer’s brains are affected when buying a new product. In other words, how people choose.

At Robot Lab S.A.S we ask, whenever we consume a product or a brand, are we consuming a product… a brand…. or a “personal experience”? This is the main reason why we must study and develop all the different aspects of marketing. It is no longer important what do we have to offer, but the emotive impact that our products create and the way we offer them, satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers.